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Spring Walleye on the Bay of Quinte:

Walleye season on the Bay of Quinte opens on the first Saturday in May and most charter captains operate from opening day until early or mid June.  During this time one can expect to catch the resident juvenile walleye that range from 1-7 lbs with the avg fish being between 2 and 3 lbs or 17-21 inches.  

Fish Finder Charters - Captain Dave Chatterton: 613-392-7472

Loyalist Charters - Captain Geoff Norris: 613-922-0407

Pro Guide Charters - Captain Mike LaBrosse:  905-243-6948

U & Me Charters - Captain Lloyd Daume: 905-375-0177

Bay of Quinte Charters - Captains Scott Walcott and David Walcott : 613-848-4213